Wednesday, May 28, 2008

this is for all the ladies

This is for Teisha!

Mini Snowmoblie

My parents got the kids this cute snowmoblie. It's pretty fun to ride. Can't wait until we have some snow and we can cruise around on it. Thanks mom and dad!!!!

Crazy boys!

This is what happens when you leave your camera unattended, luckily they haven't seen what their dad does to unattended cameras yet!!! There were probably like 30 pictures but i deleted lots of them.This was a few weeks ago, they did it again today and took 50 or more. I guess i need to hide it.

bos turns 5!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Westy's lip

Wes was climbing up to the top of Livie's bed and fell hitting his chin on the bed on the way down. His tooth almost went all the way through. Poor guy.

Kelce gets married

Kelce got married to Jodi at the court house. They are expecting in late November. This will be grandbaby #10 for Booth's parents. What a cute couple, I am sure the baby will be adorable. Congrats guys!

BreeAnn's baby shower

I had a great time at BreeAnns's shower. I am so excited for her and Tyler. I got to visit with lots of friends and we had lots of fun. Thanks for inviting me. Here are some pic's that I took.

The rest of the soccer games. The boys had fun playing. Bos was staring to understanding how to play. Wes wasn't quite as interested.

Trouble maker

Livie decided to get into the rash cream before she took her nap. This is what I came to find in her room after her nap. I think it got in her eyes. She smeared it all over her toys and door. Fantastic.

Yeah..... so I'm way behind, what's new?

Booth took the boys on their first motorcycle ride, he has had a bike for a couple of years now. We found a kids helmet at his parents house so I figured they could go for a ride around the block. They had fun.