Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Olivia is in dance lessons this year. I put her in a class at the beginning of the summer, it was through Granite Peaks, it only lasted a few weeks. I wanted to make sure she liked it before I had to fork out the big bucks. She did, so I have her in a Jazz, Tap and Ballet class. My friend Cindy has her little girl Aisly in the same class. Oh boy they are so cute together. Olivia loves her "snap shoes" some days I have to hide them from her. I can't wait until she performs. Aren't they CUTE!!

To Laura:

You mean this? Hilarious!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some of my VERY favorite moments from Scrubs. Sorry if you've already seen these from FB. Check them out for a good laugh. Man, I am going to miss this show, thank goodness I have all seasons on Deevedah. (get it?) HAHAHAH





You're Welcome.

Monday, September 14, 2009

First day of School, First day of school....

So, all 3 of my children are in school. I have realized (being the horrible mother that I am) I love my kids the more they are gone. EEEEK, sorry folks. We get along much better. Bos is in first grade, Wes is in all day kindergarten, and Livie goes 2 times a week to pre-school. So I have a total of 6 hours a week to myself, I must say it's pretty fantastic! They are all doing well in school, Bos was naughty the first couple of days but his teacher said he is doing much better. Wes didn't have any problems at all, his teacher says she is glad he is in her class and he is a great student. Livie was just happy to be away, I think? She has a 2ND cousin in her class, which makes it fun.
We have had quite a bit of trouble with the school bus this year. The bus schedule said the bus stop was on our street this year, but at the end on the corner of 40Th west!! Last year they had
maybe 3 stops in our neighborhood. I complained immediately.

Anyone in their right mind thinking it was okay for 5 and 6 year olds, any elementary kids really, to wait for te bus there is insane. I emailed the district transportation department, I received a reply the same day, by phone. He explained they moved the bus stop out there because of budgets and our neighborhood only has one outlet and we are right next to Bangerter highway. Guess what dude, I don't care! I pay my taxes! Isn't that where they get the money? Your going to be angry when any of those kids get hit by a car and we blame Granite School District! So I sent my kids to the neighborhood just south of us, we have a walkway from our neighborhood to theirs through a field. It was a much safer place for a stop. Plus we have at least 10 - 15 kids in our little "one outlet" area anyways and they had only 1 stop on the corner of a busy road! In the other neighborhood they had like 3 stops, that's stupid. Well week 3 of school I noticed a bus came into our neighborhood to drop the kids off after school. Thought it was a fluke maybe. Then the next morning I saw some kids waiting for the bus a street over, so I went to check it out, the kids told me they changed the stop! Yeah!! When the bus came I asked the driver "So they decided to change the stop eh?" he replied "yeah, it was kind of forced!" I said to him "you know it's much safer for the kids". He seemed nice about it, I was really excited. I was thinking enough people complained so they had to, good for us. My mom also sent a nasty letter to the district. So now my other issue is they have different buses pick them up and take them home. You really think the young kids will remember 2 different bus numbers? Well my kids have a hard time. Well, they are getting better at remembering, I have told their teachers where they are supposed to go and if they miss their bus they need to go to the office. It's been rough, I have lost them a few times, whether they have taken the wrong bus, or gotten off on the wrong stop (Booth found them one time walking down 40Th west!!!!)and they also have a cousin who lives very close to the school, so I told Bos if he misses the bus to go there, well the little sneak, said he "missed" the bus when he really didn't. So after it had been a hour and they weren't home, I panicked, I called the school, called the cousins mom to see if they were there, she wasn't home to know if they were there. So bawling, I hopped in the car thinking they were wondering trying to find their way home, and their school is by Granger high, we live just off of 40Th west, so Bangerter is between the school and our house!!! I had to leave our house unlocked in case they came while I was gone, called the neighbor to watch the house if they did come home. I was a mess. I drove over to the cousins house and who do I see? My 2 boys waiting for them to come home!!!! I was SOOO angry at them.
So school has been an adventure this year, but they really like it, probably mostly because they get to be away from their CRAZY mother.