Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, if you have looked at Teisha's blog then you have seen all of her many faces. she is too funny sometimes. I have some good ones too. Also, is it normal for your child (who's 2 1/2 by the way) to say things like this?

Leeva me alone!
Give me a break!
Nobody cares Wes!
Shut your mouth!
Go away!
Shut up! (sometimes she just mouths or whispers this one because she knows she's not supposed to say it)
Knock it off!
Let me out!
Stop it!
And my favorite, she hisses at me when she gets mad.
I thought sware words were bad but looking at this list it seems they are just as bad, you know, I don't say things like this so I have no idea where she gets it from??? teehee, SHHH

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Fav singer

This totally cracked me up.

I can't wait to go to his concert in August!!!!!! I almost want to join the volunteers, but I don't know?? I don't think I am green enough.

Fathers Day

We went to my G & G Ahlstroms for dinner on fathers day. It was a really nice day. My mom & dad came over to give the kids a ride on their ranger just before. They had lots of fun.
I love all the dads in my life. Booth is an amazing dad, always wanting to do what is best. I love him more now than ever, watching him grow and become the person he is today. My dad is the best, always there no matter when I need him and a great support for whatever dumb thing I do. Booths dad Ron, an amazing support also, helping us out with anything we need. All are great examples to me and I love them all so much. Also grandpa's. I have great memories with both my grandpa's. Mostly funny ones, I think once you become a grandpa, you just think you get funnier. Like meowing like a cat and then looking around to find a cat? Funny jokes, all that fun stuff I love about my grandpa's. I love them all, including Booth's grandpa's, they treat them as one of their own. I am grateful to be surrounded by such great men!! love you all.

my b-day

My birthday was on the 7th. We celebrated on the 9th at my moms. Me and Teish got camera happy. We are so funny together, almost everything we talk about and laugh about are inside jokes. I had a nice b-day. I bought myself a Shark Steam Vac. Oh boy, I really like it. I got some other good stuff too. Thanks Y'all. Man I'm getting old!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Chasade's Bachelorette Party!!!

My mom, sister and I all went to a bachelorette party on Saturday. It was for Chasade Simon, she is a long time friend. Well, our moms have all been friends since they were in kindergarten....a long time. We have called them our cousins all our lives. It was really great to visit with all of the kids I grew up with. Anyways, she had a bridal shower earlier in the day and then we went golfing. Teish and I were just going to drive around carts, but there was an empty spot, so they asked if I wanted to try it out. I did, and I had lots of fun, amazingly. Booth tried to get me to golf a long time ago, he showed me how to hold the club and I was done, I didn't like that at all. I guess I have changed my mind. I had some pretty good hits a few times. I enjoy driving the ball the most, it felt really good!! We played Best Ball. That is where each person in team hits the ball and whoever had the best hit is the ball we play off of. I never had the best hit. We all had a good time. Teish was the photoographer. We were the last team to go out of 6. We took the longest to play because we were having way too much fun with other peoples cameras. My camera battery went dead shortly after we got there, maybe that's a good thing. I think I have officially been recruited. Thanks girls!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We went to the Real soccer game last Saturday night. We went up to Trolley Square and ate at The Old Spaghetti Factory before the game. We had a nice time. I don't understand it at all, but they won so... hoorah. The kids had fun.


Booths great grandpa came into town a few weeks ago from St. George to celebrate his 96th b-day. He seems to be well and is still telling jokes and golfing. Hopefully Booth will live that long because I know I won't and don't want to either, man thats so old!!