Monday, June 9, 2008

Chasade's Bachelorette Party!!!

My mom, sister and I all went to a bachelorette party on Saturday. It was for Chasade Simon, she is a long time friend. Well, our moms have all been friends since they were in kindergarten....a long time. We have called them our cousins all our lives. It was really great to visit with all of the kids I grew up with. Anyways, she had a bridal shower earlier in the day and then we went golfing. Teish and I were just going to drive around carts, but there was an empty spot, so they asked if I wanted to try it out. I did, and I had lots of fun, amazingly. Booth tried to get me to golf a long time ago, he showed me how to hold the club and I was done, I didn't like that at all. I guess I have changed my mind. I had some pretty good hits a few times. I enjoy driving the ball the most, it felt really good!! We played Best Ball. That is where each person in team hits the ball and whoever had the best hit is the ball we play off of. I never had the best hit. We all had a good time. Teish was the photoographer. We were the last team to go out of 6. We took the longest to play because we were having way too much fun with other peoples cameras. My camera battery went dead shortly after we got there, maybe that's a good thing. I think I have officially been recruited. Thanks girls!!!


Sara and Family said...

looks like fun! we live on a golf course and i've never been, but i think it'd be great. good thing those ladies had Jack D to keep them warm ;)

mystirae said...

I love the pics! It was so good to see you at the party. I miss hanging out with you guys.