Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boston's Birthday

Boston turned 6 on April 30Th. It is hard to believe he is that old, then again I sometimes wish they would all just GROW UP. We had a birthday party with some of his cousins on Booth's side last Sunday. Crystal brought her fun blow up stuff for all the grand kids. They had a great time!! It was such a beautiful day to be out in the sun.

Boston and his CRAZY sugar face

School will be done for Wes this week and Bos gets done June 5Th. I am really not excited for them to be home ALL SUMMER!!! But.... I am excited to not have to set my alarm and have to be up and ready at a certain time....sounds lazy, I know. Bos will be in 1st grade next year, Wes is in the all day Kindergarten program and Livie will be in preschool 2 days a week..... I will have 4 hours a week BY MYSELF!!!!! I can't even remember how long that has been? I look forward to the fall. I guess I am going to have to keep them busy outside so I don't go crazy.

Also, Booth and I just celebrated our 8 year anniversary yesterday. We celebrated last month and took a trip to St. George for 4 days. It was really nice to be together. We stayed at a friends house which made it even better. They went on vacation while we were there, so we had the house to ourselves. Really nice!!! We did get to visit with them before they left and we had such a good time. Thanks Mel & Parker!! We went to Vegas for a day, and I was really not as impressed as I would have thought. I did like all the dirty magazines on the street corners though? Seriously, pervs. And I also enjoyed watching all the drunks walking the strip with their HUGE drinks? The thing I enjoyed most was just being with Booth and watching people. We spent the day walking the strip and then got bored so we went to the outlet mall and spent WAY too much money, but it was great. Anyway, Eight years have flown by, I love Booth more now than ever before and I hope it just keeps growing.