Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Livie turns 2

Livie's birthday was on the 23rd. We celebrated on Thanksgiving and on the 25th. She had a great birthday. The first party on Thanksgiving was at my moms house. She got lots of good gifts. And on the 25th we celebrated at our house with Booth's side. She got lots more great gifts. She is getting so big and getting to be such a character. She is always pulling funny faces and showing off and dancing around. It is so much fun to watch her. I am just sad that my baby is two. And I am not sad that I am not pregnant again, usually I have had another baby by now.... thanks goodness!

The boys are doing well, they are growing up so much. Boston will be in kindergarten next year, that will be a big adventure, for both of us. Wes is really liking preschool, although he got in trouble for choking! Scary!! I gave them both haircuts about a week and a half ago, they are funny. I am not so good at it, they dont seem to mind though.

They are both excited about the snow, Boston said "mom it's snowing, it's Christmas now, where are the presents?" I am excited for the holidays, I enjoy being with our families and the good food. I recieved my Christmas present early. When I went to Park City with my friends, Katie took her PS2 and the game Guitar Hero. Well... I got addicted and I got a PS2 and Guitar Hero 3! We have been having a lot of fun playing it.

The pictures are of Livie's birthday parties and of the boys and their haircuts and as they say their shark boy faces.

Monday, November 5, 2007


We had a fun Halloween this year. The boys were excited to get candy. We only went to a few homes in our neighborhood (all old people, they were so excited) since we had a lot of places to go. Livie did a good job once she got to the door, she had a hard time keeping up. The boys have a hard time ringing the doorbells only once, I think some people got angry, oh well. We went to grandma and grandpa Jenson's and they gave the kids a cup full of candy and then to g & g A's (that's what the kids call them). My mom has made chili on Halloween since I can remember. Olivia was a hobo clown, Wes was a shark and Bos was a pirate (what we could get him to wear at least). I pinned him down to draw a mustache on him and he cried and ran away. When he came back it was gone and his sleeve was all black. He doesn't like the attention. I am sure as they get older it will be more fun.