Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day

We went to my G & G Ahlstroms for dinner on fathers day. It was a really nice day. My mom & dad came over to give the kids a ride on their ranger just before. They had lots of fun.
I love all the dads in my life. Booth is an amazing dad, always wanting to do what is best. I love him more now than ever, watching him grow and become the person he is today. My dad is the best, always there no matter when I need him and a great support for whatever dumb thing I do. Booths dad Ron, an amazing support also, helping us out with anything we need. All are great examples to me and I love them all so much. Also grandpa's. I have great memories with both my grandpa's. Mostly funny ones, I think once you become a grandpa, you just think you get funnier. Like meowing like a cat and then looking around to find a cat? Funny jokes, all that fun stuff I love about my grandpa's. I love them all, including Booth's grandpa's, they treat them as one of their own. I am grateful to be surrounded by such great men!! love you all.