Monday, February 4, 2008

Winter Days

We have a lot of snow this year. On Friday after I took Bos to school Wes, Livie and I shoveled outside. They had a lot of fun making snow angels. They both ended up taking their gloves off and then they didn't like it so much, Livie was throwing a fit because she wanted to go in the house. I am getting sick of the snow, it seems like it only snows on the days I have to work, and getting carts in the slush is NOT fun , I have to do 1 at a time, too bad our baggers don't do their work!!!!! I am ready to send the kids outside to play in nice weather. I look forward buckling the kids in their car seats without a coat, that drives me crazy. I am done with WINTER!!!!


Robb and Cindy said...

SO AM I!!! Car seats and kids DO NOT go together!