Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wes turns 4!!!

Weston had a great b-day. The family came over to celebrate on the 29th. Weston was almost a leap year baby. He got lots of fun things. We took him to dinner at Leatherby's and to Build a Bear. He got a green triceratops and he named him four. We had a nice time with just the three of us. It is really nice to have just one child to focus on. He acts like a different kid. He is such a sweet boy.


Sara Chinn and Family said...

CUTE! I cannot believe your 2nd child is already 4, does it make you feel old ;) And I also can't believe that we've never gotten together with the kids. This summer we will need to come down to WVC and have a day at the park with some gals and all of our kids.