Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm takin it back to the old school cuz I'm a old fool who's so cool......

My sis-in-law tagged me

1.Did you date anyone from your high school? Not from my school, oh wait I did date Cole Foard for a bit.
2.What kind of car did you drive? The first was the 79 mustang then came the 85 Rustang as some called it
3.Were you a party animal? heavens no, that was not allowed on drill, right girls???
4.Were you considered a flirt? I'd say no
5.Were you in a band, orchestra, or choir? none of the above
6.Where you a nerd? me and Cindy, big time. man we had fun
7.Were you on any Varsity teams? Yes, Hunter High Silhouettes baby. The best ever!! SFL
8.Did you ever get suspended or expelled. No but we all got chewed out by Frasier, by the way he came into my store and I spoke to him, it was weird. I wanted to say, hey remember when you yelled at the whole drill team?
9.Can you sing the Fight Song? The whole thing, and I remember our cheer motions to it too, from Silverline
10.Who was your favorite teacher. Definitely Coach Burke. He sent us to Burger King to get him and us food. And maybe Ms. Quigley because it was funny when she yelled at us drill girls too because we thought we were special and could show up late everyday!!!
11.Where did you sit for lunch? in the Commons area
12.What was your schools full name? Hunter High School
13.What was your mascot? Wolverine, snitchie snitchie schnoin
14.If you could go back again would you? Absolutely!! I would love to live it over and over.
15.What do you remember about graduation? Well... Booth not being there. Hanging out with some guys from Granger, A HUGE bonfire out in the fields by the water towers out west, and the Police taking us back to our car, and the best, getting a drinking ticket for 4-5 girls sharing 2 wine coolers!! My mom was MAD and also it was funny because I wouldn't lie and possibly get caught even though it would never have shown on a breathalyzer test. Good times!
16.Where did you go on your Senior Skip Day? nowhere that I remember, actually I dont remember a senior skip day
17.Were you in any clubs? Silverline as a sophomore, we had SO much fun. I think there were like 36 of us!
18.Have you gained any weight since then? who hasnt, well nevermind if you havent, you SUCK! Sure just after graduating and when I was prego with all of my kids, but I am proud to say I weigh less now..... currently, that's not saying much.
19.Who was your Prom dates? Booth mostly, Cole Foard, Nick Lloyd, Jeff Peterson, Warren Harris, Adam Metcalf, I think that is all.
20.Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Of coarse, I wish I could go to the class of 99 and the class of 2000's too though, because I had lots of good friends in all grades. Ah well

Those were the BEST times, I miss it like Crazy!!


Sara and Family said...

good stuff. remember sophomore year when lindsy and us went to the D.I. and took pictures trying on those ugly dresses then we took 'pretty boy' and 'skank' awards to bryan and warren?!?!?! ha, i just thought of that.

Jennie said...

Hey Tiffany, I love your post! I miss High School, too. I may have to steal this for my blog :)

Rigby said...

I remember you always had sunflower seeds! Funny!

mh said...

Hey Tiffany, I found your blog through someone else's, though I now can not remember who! I just wanted to say hi, and I think your family is sooo cute! I think you look great too! thanks for letting me peek in on your cute family!

BreeAnn said...

Hey you need to post some new stuff!

Teisha said...

Hey, since you aren't posting. I am going to post for you.