Friday, November 14, 2008

3 crazy kids

Not a Halloween picture but she was playing dress up at grandma Wendy's and put almost the whole box of stuff on. It was funny.

Cute Auntie Queen of Hearts

Halloween was better this year. Boston actually wore his costume, but only on Halloween. Bos was a robot, Wes was Batman and Livie was a Dinosaur. Wes loves costumes, he still wears his costume from last year. He will just wander around the house in them. We went to my grandmas work to trick or treat, they had lots of fun there. We went to my moms on Halloween night, went around the neighborhood and had homemade Chili. They loved getting the candy but as the boys are getting older they do the whole, I have more, or I get to go out of the car first, or I get the brown chair, or I'm bigger, constantly a contest.


BreeAnn said...

Cute little chillens you have.I am happy you put some new pics up! Hope you are doing good!