Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Happy Happs

This is also what's happening at our house: SNAKES!!!

Livie is not scared at all.

Wes was very excited.
Booth decided the kids would like to have them, but I think Booth really wanted to have them. I kept insisting that I did not want them in my house, for many reasons, they stink, they eat mice, their gross, taking up space, cleaning the cage and so on. But he was set on getting some. They are Ball Python snakes, we have 2 one is a female and the other is a male (how to tell the difference....who knows?) We, no wait, BOOTH bought them off so he got a killer deal, but that doesn't justify it for me. The snakes came with the tank, a stand and lots of extra stuff, including what they eat...... mice, there were 2 in the vented box and they were alive, I must add. I felt pretty bad for them, they were trying so hard to get out of the box and they were pretty cute, besides their red eyes. Anyway we came home set everything up and it was time for the snakes to eat, Booth picked up a mouse by it's tail and put it in the box, the snake was very quick, he put his mouth around it's head and then constricted it until it was dead, I have never seen this before so I thought it was sad. The snake had it all swallowed within about 5 minutes. I am NEVER going to do a thing with these snakes, no feeding, no cleaning, no touching, NOTHING. I don't even like them close to me.
Well, the kids sure like them and constantly want to hold them. I hope we don't have them too long, I hope it's just a temporary obsession.

Other happenings are Halloween costumes, I put it off as long as a could. I hate spending a lot of money on something that they only wear a few times. I am not crafty, I wish i were. Growing up it seems like my mom always made our costumes, and they were great. I am too lazy for that. Well Boston wanted to be Michael Jackson, the one from Beat it. I looked around on the interwebs and found the red jacket and it was 60 dollars! No way would I spend that, plus I'd have to get a wig... he changed his mind luckily and decided he wants to be Optimus Prime. I found a costume for $10, so I thought that wasn't too bad, if he likes it, it doesn't matter how fantastic it is. Livie wants to be Cinderella, I fond costumes that were good prices. But I thought to myself, she has a few dress up dresses that would work fine, one of them is blue, so I talked her into it. My mom bought her a crown and a wand to make it extra princessey, I will just doll her up and TA-DA, Halloween costume. Wes loves costumes (and dress up too, ha ha) I have to take all their old costumes out to the shed or else he'd wear them all the time. He found a scary mask that he liked at the store and them I found a skeleton body suit that matches pretty well, I can't get it off him already. He has been trying to hide around in the house and jump out to scare us, he did it to Bos this morning and Bos said "that scared the shit to me", I promise I don't say that stuff. It was funny. I think it will be a fun Halloween for the kids this year, it gets more fun the older they get. One thing that bothers me is at their school they are not allowed to dress up for Halloween, I think it is ridiculous. Whoever decided that is someone who probably got their, or their children's feelings hurt at some point, so thanks for ruining it for everyone else
So.... there is the Happy Haps at our house.


Teisha said...

So, with the snakes. Important advice. When you are feeding them, it is really best to have a seperate feeding cage. Just something small. If they get used to you droppping stuff in their everyday gage, they might snap at you anytime you put your hands in there thinking it's time to eat. So with the seperate cage, it knows it's feeding time, and will be less likely to go for your hand in the other cage. I learned that the hard way.

Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

yes, the previous owners informed us of that. thank you. no bites yet???

The Hancuff's said...

i can't believe you got suckered into getting the snakes. that's gonna be me in a couple years. my boy is freakin obsessed with the things and i say the same thing. never in my house. but look where that got you. sheesh. your a cool mom. i'm not. lets see how much longer i can keep them out.

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